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michellethomas2 Mystery lies in the darkest of places
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The board game "Mysterium" as if it were a real life event.

Mysterium Manor

Jennifer was the town historian. The small town where she grew up, was her favorite place on earth. It was an "everyone knows one another" kind of town, and the townfolk loved her.

While in her late 30s, Jennifer bought a large, gothic style manor on the outskirts of town. A large glass stained window adorned the center of the house.

A tower on each front corner -- both covered in ornate patterns, and laden with ivy. Jennifer loved the mystery that surrounded the manor.

Eventually entitling the house: "Mysterium Manor".

Jennifer and her best friend Lucy, lived in the manor for 48 years. Lucy was a showman, and lived on the road for half the year; leaving Jennifer alone.

When the women were in their late 80s, Jennifer was murdered. Lucy had returned from a trip the next day and discovered Jennifer's body.

After the funeral, Lucy quickly moved out of town; becoming depressed the longer she stayed in the manor.

The rumor was: Jennifer made enemies of a witch. The witch had murdered Jennifer and cursed her soul to be locked away in a box.

Only being set free should someone be successful in discovering the true identity of the witch. As their appearance was ever-changing.

Psychics gathered each year to try their hand at decoding the visions that Jennifer manifested. Hoping they could set her free.

Thirty-five years after Jennifer's death, a group of psychics gathered in the manor. At the stroke of midnight on October 25th -the day of her death- Jennifer appeared to the mediums.

These are the visions she manifested:

-Multicolored tigers, running through the clouds

-Long black strings tied to white and red balloons

-A beach ball that had feet, wearing shoes that were red and green

-A man wearing a hat, riding on the back of an elephant-giraffe hybrid

-Fire on the wall in the shape of a ring, with three silver knives in the center

-A woman wearing a victorian style dress, a shotgun in her hand and a scar in the shape of a moon on her cheek

For six days, the psychics disputed the meaning of the visions. Each with their own interpretation, but never agreeing to a final answer. Finally, the night of October thirtieth came.

Eleven fifty eight pm. The psychics had two minutes to assent. At the stroke of midnight on October thirty-first, Jennifer appeared to them once again.

If the guess was incorrect, the psychics would be stuck in the manor with Jennifer; awaiting for someone to decode the visions and release them.

Jennifer is silent as the psychics give their final guess. A few minutes goes by when the room suddenly turns cold. Whispers of people begin to materialize around the room.

The psychics disintegrating into nothing. Jennifer begins to weep and then disappears. Leaving the manor empty once again.

Another year goes by. You are standing in the manor, your psychic colleagues around you. Jennifer appears.

Over the next 6 days, you must decode the visions in order to free Jennifer and yourself. Will you survive? Who do you think killed Jennifer?

Thank you so much for reading!! Let me know in the comments who you think the killer is. Maybe you can help set Jennifer free...

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