Apocalyptic Nightmare (Finale)

          Apocalyptic Nightmare
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michellethomas2 Mystery lies in the darkest of places
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Will Rebecca survive?

Apocalyptic Nightmare (Finale)

A bright light.

Rebecca opens her eyes to Mooney shining a flashlight in her face. "Are you ok?" He helps Rebecca to her feet, and hands her a glass of water.

Feeling the pain of the zombie bite, Rebecca grabs her shoulder. Surprisingly, she finds no blood. "What happened?" She asks taking the glass.

Mooney grabs the duffle bag and refills his arsenal. "You were bit, but I shot it before it managed to break the skin. You will probably have a bruise though."

Sliding her sleeve off her shoulder, Rebecca sees the purple skin covering the area where she was bit. "We need to find food." Officer Mooney states, before walking out the front door of the police station.

Rebecca, cringing at the sight of the dead just lying on the floor, quickly follows the large man outside. Gray and gloomy clouds cover the skies.

Rebecca and Mooney find the streets empty of people. But, buildings lining the roads have broken doors and windows. Cars are on fire, flipped over or just left behind.

Mooney carefully and silently walks along the road. Rebecca following close behind. The air is so quiet; the sound of Rebecca stepping on a plastic bottle is like a bomb. Mooney immediately turns and glares at her.

Running into the clothing store on their right, Rebecca and Mooney shut and barricade the doors with clothing racks. "I'm sorry!" Rebecca screams over the living dead trying to break down the door, "I didn't see the bottle." "It's fine. Just help me look for another way out." Yells Mooney, annoyed.

Rebecca glances around the store for an exit. After a few minutes of searching, they realize the only way out, is the way they came in.

"We are going to have to either unload our weapons into the hoard and hope for the best... or wait it out and see if they leave." Mooney pronounces.

The zombies push harder and finally, they break through the barrier. They create a stampede that's headed straight towards Rebecca and Mooney.

Weapons ready, the two survivors start unloading into the hoard, hoping for the best. Rebecca realizes there's too many, "This isn't working. What do we do?"

Mooney loads another round and yells back, "Just keep shooting. It's all we can do." Rebecca continues releasing bullets until her weapon is empty.

She tries to reach for another gun but is tackled by a zombie. She screams as it claws and bites at her chest. Rebecca calls out to Mooney hoping he can save her, but it's no use.

A bright light.

Rebecca wakes up back in the hospital bed. Breathing heavily and feeling the sweat drip down her neck. She realizes she can't talk; her limbs still strapped down.

On the other side of the room, Rebecca spots her parents talking to the young doctor. "She's doing better today." She hears the doctor say. "But, we are not out of the woods yet. She still has moments where she lashes out."

"This last time..." The doctor hesitates before continuing, "...she bit her tongue off and it couldn't be repaired. So unfortunately, she can't speak."

Rebecca's parents look over at their daughter, tears filling their eyes. "What happened to cause this set back?" Her mom asks the doctor. "She had a friend in here named Danielle."

The doctor began, "Rebecca treated her like a daughter. They were always together -- watching horror movies, playing games, etc. She took care of Danielle; making sure she ate, and slept."

The doctor pauses, pulling a photo of Rebecca and Danielle off the wall. "Danielle committed suicide last week. I think Rebecca has been blaming herself. She's been lashing out at the other patients, the nurses and even myself."

The doctor pulls a medicine bottle from his pocket, "I have been using this sedative to keep her calm, but it's giving her strange reoccurring hallucinations. Just this morning she was talking about Danielle. Suddenly, she started mumbling about zombies." Rebecca's parents begin to fear for their daughter.

"She actually tried to bite an orderly this morning when he tried to bring her breakfast." Rebecca becomes drowsy, her parents fading away. She never noticed the nurse walk up to give her the sedative. Giving her parents one last glance, she falls asleep.

A bright light. Rebecca wakes to find herself lying on the cold floor of a jail cell...

Thank you so much for reading!! I enjoyed writing this a lot so let me know what you think in the comments! Don't forget to hit the thumbs up!

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