A chat
A chat


michellekelly Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
Experiencing depression with a glimpse of hope in the form of a robin :) The robin signifies something good and pure that is untouched by all the bad life can throw at you.

A chat

On this bench, I sit, I ponder, I over-think Of life's mistakes both past and present Leaves a question of where i began to sink!

A dark crisp wintry day, blocking the light Just like my thoughts in every way

Until a faint whisper of a fragile approach Brings you a redbreast, face lined with grey Tiptoeing around my paused emotions

Who sends this bird? A beacon of light A beacon of hope A sentiment message to be heard

A sudden escape To peak with admiration of a robin with his cape

Now you see me, A quick look and you fly away And as i watch i feel a smirk, if even a smile which i bring with me as i leave to continue this dreaded day

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