Your Memory By Michelle Barouta
Your Memory

By Michelle Barouta  grief stories

michellebarouta Community member
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this was written for peace

Your Memory By Michelle Barouta

When all passes by, what are we left with, Your memory will never fade & beauty is a myth,

I can't freeze time, but it went by slower, Her hands were clammy, I just wanted to show her, Her heart was fragile, I just wanted to get to know her,

In infamy, that day will live forever, however, My silhouette now looms for whomever,

when your memory finally faded into bleakness, I promised I would carry you on, forever my weakness,

There is beauty in the most ordinary of things, But this moment took flight, it surely gave me wings,

The most beautiful thing you can do is remain strong, He took your life away & in my arms you belong,

Nothing will ever compare to the day I met you, Your eyes shimmered waves of pain in my heart, I just couldn't imagine your loss and my life falling apart

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