The Rain Falls
The Rain Falls surivior stories
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michellebarouta Community member
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Surviving is the most beautiful thing one can do.

The Rain Falls

The rain falls as I fall too, My hope does evaporate, but what can I possibly do, Regenerate, will I pull through, I cannot forget, I cannot pursue, You played me like a cassette, Rewind, theres not much I can do,

Rain, Rain, don't love me in vain, It's my dilemma, and it drives me insane, Be my umbrella until this storm passes, Just don't seek approval form the masses,

Stand in solitude, learn how to fight alone, Don't fear the unknown, you view what you condone, Overthrown, You cannot control me anymore, The light has been shown, I just wish I could've known,

I do not resent you, but where was your consent? You broke my heart, and that I could not prevent, You can convince them, convince my Father, He see's it all, so don't even bother,

I hate your lies, I hate your facade of neatness, They may applaud, But I see through your weakness, I know your a fraud, I just hope you find closure, It's finally over, now please allow me to recover,

There is still a world out there I have yet to discover, The rain falls as I fall too, But I will rise, & I hope you do too.

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