Our Goodbye By Michelle Barouta
Our Goodbye

By Michelle Barouta heart break stories

michellebarouta Community member
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This is something I wrote to finally walk away from a awful time in my life which I was never given closure.

Our Goodbye By Michelle Barouta

Remind me what its like to smile, I haven't meant one in awhile, My demons reside, way deep inside, I feel alone with no pain left to hide, My ignorance feeds me & I can't lose my pride,

Memories resurfacing, why can't I sleep? I feel like I'm drifting, my wounds are too deep, My eyes are twisted, my mind is negating, He insisted, Enough persuading,

I inhaled it in, my heart was racing, It sunk in my skin, peripheral fading, The choice was easy, there was no debating,

I don't know why I do this, I know that I'm smart, I guess I'm just waiting on you to restart my heart, I deserve better, I just hope that your happy, I know that these letters can get a little sappy,

Lost and disappointed, I've hit rock bottom, But I should have known, I'm the one that taught him, Who knew that this would happen, I couldn't see, Now I drink up all of my pain, and disbelief,

I chief reef, For some release, I misconceived, I feel grief, It does increase, So unperceived,

This reality tastes like poison, I won't let it go, But It's on the darkest days that I know, You aren't worthy, and I can't let it show, Until the sun does rise, By then I'm cruising with pain inside my eyes,

I feel like I'm sinking, why can't I swim, I've ran for miles, just to get sucked in, I'll be strong, I'll do better now, If I keep telling myself, will it happen somehow,

But when all is done at the end of the day, My patience pulls away, I can't be forgiven, My impulsion is my ignition, In which I am imprisoned,

I just want to receive love, I just want to belong, What does it truly consist of, & why can't I have it lifelong? Where is my cure and how can I go on?

I cannot live with this pain inside my heart, Your love was my poison, and I knew it from the start, With anything I do, I still love you the same, But knowing what I know I can't take your last name,

I'm stuck in my feelings, I can't escape, It pierced my soul, it's stuck to me like tape, I gave it my all, my hearts out of shape,

I was in love and you ran astray, So how are you bitter that our love did decay, After you took it away, so what can you say?

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