I choose to win
I choose to win healing stories

michellebarouta Community member
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This was written at a time that I wanted to give up, when I was at my lowest. But instead of making a short solution to a long term problem, I decided to write, and through that, heal.

I choose to win

You either win or you die trying, Live with vitality, don't worry about dying, I can't erase the brutality, death is sinister, it knocks on your door, unwelcomed visitor,

I don't want to die, but I want to see the gates, I can't control it, thats why they call it fate, It is a peaceful dark world, locate serenity, Beautiful lies, mistaken identity,

Designing catastrophe inside glass houses, Throwing stones towards the spouses, Those memories never die, my love is six foot deep, You don't have to live forever, eternal sleep,

At war with myself, am I dead inside? Dancing with demons, downside implied,

The angel of death flutters her wings, My silence is violently yours, pull the strings,

Fallen angels I am dying to meet, Puppet Master, keep this discreet, Death is nothing that I can cheat,

I will wait until the day I meet my father, I haven't been well, so why should he bother, I'm drowning in the waters, Ye of little faith, Manifestations, capture the wraith,

Lord carry me, in my times of weakness, I worry for my demise, untethered bleakness.

I worry for my demise, untethered bleakness

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