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michellebarouta Community member
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This is a poem I wrote about my relationship with my mom. I hope you enjoy it. It’s an original.

Dear Mom

I do not fear an opportunity to change my perception, It's not your perception of uncertainty, that causes my projection But the fear of judgement, rejection, and reflection,

It's not masked by the security of the known, It is not your self doubt, so I will no longer postpone, but it's my lack of understanding, the light has been shown,

So I will walk in your shoes, but I won't walk it in vain, B/c predicting his anger was like predicting the rain, & rage stirs within me seeing where life has led you, I just pray for your sacrifices sake, that I'll never forget you,

To understand your grief, is to understand my anger, & the lack of yours has always been my anchor, See it was stolen from you, along w/the peace you deserve, B/c you're drowning in my sorrow to save me from the surf,

Dealing with the weak, damaged, and troubled he crafted, is more poetic than anything I could have drafted, Even though I am tainted, with his blood in my veins, You still manage to love me, despite all of the pain,

You've given me privilege, even though we had less, You gave me blessings, despite all of your stress,

Your journey makes me all the more repentant, I can never thank you enough, yet feel more resentment,

You see I was embarrassed, of your green caravan, Instead of proud that you gave us all that you can,

You never bought new clothes, barely to this day, When, oh when, Mom, did you sign your life away,

See you tried to convince me that I'm all that I'm not, Because I can't be that person while im feeling this distraught,

Your soul is pure, you only have the best intent, So how did you end up with someone who can't pay rent,

He doesn't have your patience, so please may I ask, Why he conjures rage from the simplest of tasks,

It's not that he doesn't deserve you, It's that I don't either, Because I never gave you a moment to just take a breather.

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