The sun and the moon
The sun and the moon stories

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the love between the sun and the moon

The sun and the moon

As a star I shined among others As the star I was like, I saw I didn't shine as bright as the rest of the wonders Constantly asking to myself what it was like to shine as bright as the biggest star of them all,the perfect one with all the colors

I asked gleams and bits of my sisters and brothers What it would be like to have such an amazing lover But their answers left me in awe, phrases like "There's nothing unique in that hot fireball" "you yourself dont have a chance because you're not even a star" and "You are not one of us so just forget it all" haunted me as I slowly revolved around space

But that didnt shock me I knew what I was I knew I wasn't a star and that I could never act like one Because like any other star would I wouldn't fall I had scars And I could only shine when the sun noticed my sight Truthfully, what surprised me was that no one noticed how special the sun was

Why no one saw what i saw or felt weird when they saw it,like i did I felt true when i came face to face with wonder I felt pure and i knew that even with distance in between i would never feel blue ever again I knew its light was blinding to others Perhaps To special for them to understand

maybe jealousy was what made them mad but I kept watching because it was my favorite sight out of every other It was what gave me light And what made my darkness feel kind Because even though I knew its beauty burned, i also knew it kissed

Even though i knew i had to sacrifice half the time and half my life I knew it was worth it just like i also knew it would hide Hide behind covers of clouds till it would finally set And when it lowered,i knew it cried Which made me realize we needed each other I needed to try

I needed a reason to prove to the stars that the sun was not common and the sun needed someone Someone like me No, not someone like me but me to make it forget that it ever thought itself as common Because to me it was the reason I shined

even in the darkest,coldest night The sun had my back The sun gave me light even if it didn't notice at times Still,when the stars surround me like tonight Asking several times if what I did was right I couldn't be happier to say that the sun is still my favorite sight

And that I would gladly give up half my night for it to breathe half a day So trust me when I say that I would give anything to let it stay Even if that means I have to pay but its radiance is kind and its rays are honey sweet This beauty promised me to stay as long as we gave each other time to breathe

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