Sweet kiss of death
Sweet kiss of death stories

michalinavel Community member
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Never fear the inevitable, we all die its just how we imagine it.

Sweet kiss of death

The world around me seems so quiet, so peaceful, and so calm. Nothing can ruin this, nothing can change the fact that everything is standing still.

Time has stopped and even if it’s just for a minute it will be the only minute in my entire existence that I can truly say that I am happy and at peace.

Death is holding my hand and yet I’m still calm, I follow death down a narrow path and watch as he leads me to a light so magnificent that mortal words cannot even describe it.

“I should be terrified and fight to get away, but something in me wants to go and live in peace even if it means death.” I thought to myself.

As we got closer my heart beat began to slow down, my breath felt freer and my shoulders felt like a huge weight was lifted off. I finally knew what peace was.

I was so close to it, it felt like my skin was being caressed by something that was hot and cold combined, soft and hard, gentle and firm.

My skin felt like it was wrapped in silk, fur and cotton all in one. It made all the hairs on my skin stand but didn’t give me shivers.

I knew I was close because I had no fear in me, no doubt, no thoughts, I was just calm.

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