Not Everything Done In The Name of Love is Okay
Not Everything Done In The Name of Love is Okay stories

michaldaphneCommunity member
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I LOVE reading YA novels and watching movies......but sadly this is a problem that is perpetuated throughout our media, stories, and society. And I don't think it's okay.

Not Everything Done In The Name of Love is Okay

Can we as a society please like stop teaching young children that anything done in the name of love is okay and even noble?

Just because someone does something out of love does not make it okay or excusable.

This line of thought is is so often portrayed in media, especially in YA literature and media,

where straight guys are excused or even congratulated for their shitty behavior because they did it out of love (looking at you Stephanie Meyer).

It is perpetuated in “he does it because he likes you” type comments made toward literal children. It is the foundation of harassment and entitlement toward women. It is everywhere.

This idea is DANGEROUS. This idea gets young people, especially young women, abused and killed. Love is not an excuse, it is not a way to sweep the dirt under the rug.

Love is commitment and honesty and work. “But he did it because he loves her,” is a cop-out, plain and simple.

It allows people, especially men, to hide behind their affections to avoid owning up to their shitty behavior.

Not everything done in the name of love is done in the spirit of love, and we need to start teaching young people to tell the difference.

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