I want to be remembered
I want to be remembered memorable stories

michaelvaughn So many words, so many ways
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I’m working to improve myself, because there’s a bigger picture that’s worth fighting for! My go at the daily prompt: memorable!

I want to be remembered

I want to be remembered, but not in the usual way,

I don’t want to be remembered for something like riches and fame,

Yet I also don’t want to be remembered for nothing, a life so mundane,

I don’t want to be remembered in anger, having filled others with hate.

If I’m remembered, may it be as an honest man, and not as a liar,

May it be for all the countless smiles I’d spread like wildfire,

May it be for having helped others out of situations, no matter how dire,

May it be for bringing life-giving water to lands scorched by fire.

When I cross minds of those who out live me, I hope they chuckle in fond remembrance,

Thinking of all the good times we had, memories surrounding them like a warm embrace,

If they should ever happen to speak my name, I hope that it will be in good grace,

A conversation of all the good deeds I did, and all those I inspired to take a chance,

I want to be remembered, so I’m learning how to better take advantage of my time,

Because to better help change the world around you, you’ve got to start inside,

Self-love and good health are what I’m working towards in stride,

In the hopes that eventually I can be good enough to be another’s guide!

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