Here’s some memorable moments from my own life, inspired by @notsugarcoating !
Here’s some memorable moments from my own life, inspired by @notsugarcoating ! some moments stories

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Here are my #somemoments inspired by the awesome @notsugarcoating !

Here’s some memorable moments from my own life, inspired by @notsugarcoating !

1: getting adopted when I was 4. I remember a lot of balloons at the courthouse, and smiling as I walked up to the judge to receive a heart-shaped picture frame and bubbles!

2: getting kicked out of preschool. Multiple times. No, I wasn’t a bad kid! I was just hyperactive and would always go off doing my own thing. People didn’t know how to handle me, I think!

3: Once, in Kindergarten, I was told to sit in this little in-between room of 2 classrooms. My young self found some chocolate icing on

the counter, and proceeded to eat it messily, leaving gobs all over my fingers, face, and the container. I was soon caught, and when asked what happened, I explained

How a giant M&M popped! They didn’t buy it so I was dragged to the bathroom to send globs of frosting down the drain, then taken to the vice principle!

4: getting diagnosed with AD/HD (attention deficit/ hyperactive disorder) and going through multiple psychiatrists and medications before finally finding one of each that “worked for me”.

5: (ties back to 4) One of my earlier psychiatrists: “there once was a baby bird who fell out of its nest. What happened next?”

Me: “it flew away!” Psychiatrist: “oh wow! Most kids say it splats on the ground!” I was so confused by that as a kid, why wouldn’t people say it flew away?? Haha

6: going to my cousins’ weddings in Florida. I remember walking on a wooden path to the beach for one wedding, and dancing with a young blonde girl at the other one, as adults blew bubbles our way!

7: going to my grandma’s funeral in 3rd grade. My young self at first didn’t understand what the whole point of the trip was, which means I started off very excited!

We were at the airport at 5 in the morning (super cool to young me) to fly to the east coast, and stopped at a few cool airports on the way (one having a super fun play area for kids)

I remember being taken around my dad’s home town, meeting a lot of his family, eating some delicious goulash! Seeing where my parents went to college, having a lot of fun!

Then came the day of the funeral. At first everything still seemed happy and fine, but when everyone got back into the room for the funeral...the atmosphere changed, but I didn’t quite

Understand what was going on. Not until, for the first time in my life, I looked up and saw tears streaming down my father’s face. After that, every time I’d look at my grandma lying in the casket, I’d break down.

8: I don’t quite remember how old I was, but the I remember my dad took my brother and I to our first ever movie, which is still one of my all-time-favorites, The Iron Giant!

Both of my parents took my brother and I to many movie premiers through out my elementary school years!

9: going to Pismo Beach multiple times with my family, boring my uncle’s trailer on the beach. One day I somehow caught a pigeon on the pier, mom took a pic and told me to let it go.

Later that night we took a walk along the beach, and it was covered in jelly fish the entire way! We also met a kid who I thought was really cool, he walked with us for a bit before we left!

10: I missed out on my 6th grade water park field trip, my best friend was mad at me, but I couldn’t help that I had a stomach ache! We made up by seeing Kung Fu Panda in theaters and later grabbing milkshakes!

I could go on forever, it’s pretty fun taking time to reminisce and reflect on all of the good times, and even the bad!

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