Love Poem(Wanting feed back)
Love Poem(Wanting feed back) stories

michaelsummitt Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
Want feed back wanting to use anonymously to the girl I like as a teen.

Love Poem(Wanting feed back)

You opened up the water

You opened up the sea

You opened up the the heart in me

You did it so very seemlessly

This world is a cruel place

Not a place for you and me

If only the world was a better place

We could live in a dream like fantasy

You girl are very illecebrous

You are the most sulit

Your looks are so pulchritudinous

Your not just nice your kalon

Those words might not sound much

But they all hold deep feeling

For I couldn't say them to any other

Because those words are meant for you

You are the impossible rose

Oh its not a game more like an never ending bad dream

No its no mere dream its more of a fantasy

Your love is unattainable an unexplainable

These feelings are to much for words

You are the key to my hearts prison

You are the gene to make my heart grow wings

You are the one that makes my heart skip a beat

Oh i dont know how to say this anymore

These feelings make me feel whole

I can't speak any words when your around

You bring my soul to tears when your around

You make me feel so good but at the same time so bad

When i see someone else with you

It makes my heart break in two

When i see your shared emotions

It makes me feel more broken

You are sweeter than any chocolate

You are the demon of love

Are you sure your no cupid

You make my heart fly like a dove

But your in a jar with an untouchable lid

My heart beats for no one but you

Because all i know this cancer loves you

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