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"(VERSE 1) I got this beat in my head,

This Song

"(VERSE 1)

I got this beat in my head,

with melodies enticing

me to weave a thread

of words and memories, comprising.

But as the past comes up,

my skull just burns, temperature is rising.

If all I see is ashes all around me,

can I ever see horizon?

And life is mesmerizing,

with nightmares and dreams it throws.

Love and hate is the equilibrium

in a mission that no one understand or knows.

I was born into delirium.

Darkness has rejected me, heavens didn't save me.

I took on a hopeless, unforgiving role.

Snoop sang, "murder was the case that they gave me."

I related, as I got life with no chance of parole,

only a chance of redemption, if I can prove it to all.

They unhooked all the machines, while my heart was still beating.

Took me to the morgue. With certain death, I had a meeting.

As they were pulling white sheets over my eyes, I began breathing.

Like the comics hero, Blade, I had to learn the art of forgiving.

They said, I was brain-dead, not capable of achieving...

but I......... but I...


Wrote this song to show that my fate isn't sealed.

So don't just listen, lend me your heart and feel.

I'm not rhyming to be sick and ill.

I'm bleeding with words, so we can heal.


This melody is mine, these words are yours,

or is it the other way around?

Doesn't matter, just listen to the verse.

It's not something you hear, rather feel the sound.

See it with your soul,

as imagery stands up.

Reality, then, makes you fall,

but truth won't let you drop.

Fear is like a quicksand.

Love will try to reach your shores.

Shake off the hate and take a stand,

or prejudice will have you on all fours.

For some, convenience is bliss.

Loyalty and honor never found.

Price is lethal, like death after a kiss,

and greed is a never-resting hound.

This melody is yours, these words are mine.

The beat connects rhymes with definitions.

Meaning is pumped into rhythmic repetitions.

Let's hasten our transition into a higher state of mind.

World is oppressing by design. I learned that in a city school,

where, ironically, like everyone else, I was a minority.

Took up a music class, wanted to make fly music, like Jodeci.

That teacher wouldn't explain a note to me,

didn't give me assignments, wouldn't even speak to me.

I knew all the answers, so students would cheat off me.

I guess that teacher thought that music was too good for me...

but I......... but I...


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