Once The Drugs Are Gone
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"(VERSE 1) Lonely once the drugs are gone...

Once The Drugs Are Gone

"(VERSE 1)

Lonely once the drugs are gone...

Once the drugs are gone, it's like turning the light on.

It hurts to see that there's no peace under this sun.

Stoned and krunked... a pleasant, self-inflicted brutality.

It's funny that to love, sometimes I have to escape reality.

Is this a necessity?

Just as much as it is for you to smile through lying.

It's when you turn lies to truth, a part of me is dying...


Tears replaced by number of Gs, anger by spirits of proofs.

I can let out the true in me, no need for all the right moves.

I wish I was a lil bit taller... and I touch the moon.

I see her from up here... Trinidad in the midst of monsoon.

Flowers are dead and blueberry muffins are doomed.

Life takes only cotton, there is no denying.

Shirt burned off my back, so why am I trying?

I feel like dying......"

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