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"(VERSE 1) When a man cannot see, he still feels with his heart.

In My Dreams

"(VERSE 1)

When a man cannot see, he still feels with his heart.

When the body can't move, soul can still fly afar.

All the money and power, it creates helpless people,

because some get devoured. Without love, heart is feeble.


What can I tell you that you do not know already?

Try not to make others cry, you're going to regret it.

All those innocent tears, might, someday turn to darkness.

It will rise to the skies, then, its pain might engulf us.


In my dreams, the skies are falling, people deaf to angels calling....

I sleep... awake....

Your sins are reflecting in me. I'm too sane, no peace within me....

Alone... I break....

In my dreams, there's hidden sadness. As I witness human madness,

my wounds... don't heal.

Decadence becomes the standard, greed and lust are getting pandered.

I'm numb... to feel.


If you see someone falling, and you don't understand them,

hold them up for a while, to make sure that you hear them.

Don't try to save the world, help those that are near you.

With many friends by your side, troubles will fear you.


And it is my understanding that mind will keep bending.

Spirit can do only so much, to keep it from breaking.


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