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The Missing People Service of Duna mountain gets a late night call.
What Danny thinks is a routine call changes into him running outside, quickly descending down the mountain into the dark woods below.


I heard my phone ring and immediately let out a long sigh.

There goes my rest I thought. It was mostly drunk teenagers calling at this time of night.

I groaned as I sat up and picked up the phone.

"Duna Missing People Service, Danny speaking, how can I help you?"

From the other side I heard a clearly upset young child. A tiny hoarse voice came from my phone. My previous discontent about being woken up disappeared immediately.

"Hello, I'm lost can you help me?" The girl said.

It was clear she had been crying for a long time and probably yelling for her parents.

"Of course, tell me what happened," I replied.

"I was going hiking with my parents, and we walked very far into the woods. After a while it started getting dark and before I knew it I couldn't find my parents anymore."

At the end of the sentence her voice started to break into crying croak.

"Don't worry, I will find you, don't be scared. Can you tell me your name?"

While talking to the girl I was already pulling my clothes out of the closet and searching for my flashlight.

"Lisa', she said. 'Lisa Darry."

"Hi Lisa, can you tell me where you are right now? Something you can see that maybe a landmark, something I might recognize."

There was a pause before she started speaking again.

"It's really dark here, i can't see a lot. I am sitting in a little house at the moment. It is a bit broken down."

My head shot up from putting on my shoes.

"Can you tell me what color the door is?"

Again a pause.

"Yellow, but there seems to stripes going down."

My heart jumped a little.

"I know where you are Lisa, stay there I'm coming for you. Stay with me on the phone while im coming down."

I kept talking to her while going outside. The moon was shining bright in the sky, only being interrupted by some broken clouds going past. It was a pretty warm night in the middle of the symmer.

The drive down to the little building where she is would take about ten minutes. The old forester cabin would keep her safe from forest animals for a little while.

Going down the mountain I kept talking to Lisa. About what animals she liked, where she goes to school and how proud she was of paintings she made of her dog. Luna she was called.

As I went down more and more the phone call started to break up. I heard loud static through her voice, and she probably through mine.

The static kept getting stronger, I only had a few turns left when it started to get awfully quiet on the other side of the phone.

Until now she had been kind of chipper. Telling me about a lot of things. About what she did at school, what animals she likes and what food she likes.

Even if I couldn't understand her driving down because the static had become too much, it had been good to hear her voice, it said nothing was wrong. This silence made me worried.

Two turns left, the other side was completely quiet except for the sound of my car becoming louder through the phone. Only one turn left and the lights of my car sputtered off and on.

I stopped in front of the old building and jumped out of the car.

I had expected her to come out to me the moment she heard the car or saw the lights. But the road infront of me stayed empty.

"Lisa!" I yelled.

But there was nothing except for an awful sound of static coming from my phone. I quickly took out my flashlight, flicked it on an ran into the building. Scared something might have happened.

I ran inside the ruin, there was not a lot left of the building. "Lisa, where are you!"

Nothing. Only the sound of static from my phone.

In a corner of the room, next to a little pile of stones I saw a slight glisten. Getting closer I saw it was a tiny pink flip phone.

I picked it up and immediately fell to my knees. The moment I touched the phone the static grew louder and louder. So loud it was the only thing I could hear.

I dropped both phones and slammed my hands against my ears hoping it would help against the onslaught that was the static. Coughing I laid on the ground while the static slowly lost its power.

The silence was deafening.

The phones had stopped their hellish song but now only silence remained. My flashlight was on the ground next to me and I grabbed it tightly.

That had not been normal.

I quickly got up and yelled her name one more time.

Still nothing in return.

Looking around it took me a bit of time but finally in the dark I found small shoe prints walking away from where I was.

Hope came back, she maybe got scared of something and ran off, accidentally letting her phone fall.

The trail ran out of the back of the building into a small forest path. The weather had changed since I went into the building.

The warm night had turned very cold, I shivered as I stepped onto the trail.

My flashlight lit up an almost perfect circle infront of me. I looked up. There was nothing in the sky, no moon, no stars. Nothing.

I shivered again, this time it wasn't because of the cold.

After a few minutes of walking the sound of my footsteps became a droning sound. The forest had been dead quiet with the only exception myself.

How far did she run?

I was not used to this silence in the forest. Where were the animals? The sound of the trees moving in the wind. Standing still I heard nothing, it was completely silent.

Or was it? Did I hear something? In the distance ahead. The sound of footfalls getting quickly away from me. That must be Lisa.

"Lisa wait!" I yelled, and started to run.

The path started to go slightly down, winding itself around trees and bushes. I turned a corner and my flashlight lit up the road before me, after which it died.

Before it went completely dark, I could make out a shape at the end of the road.

A staircase. A staircase stood in the middle of the road. Going up into nothingness.

A complete silence once again.

I stood there, in complete shock. A cold feeling spread throughout my body as I felt more and more panicked.

A thump and then a slight creaking, another thump and creaking.

Slowly but methodically the thump and creaking followed each other. I heard my heartbeat in my head and my breathing almost stopped. I couldn't do anything.

My whole body was screaming at me to run. Run from this place.

There were two quick thumps and short creaking after each other.

Something was coming down that stairs. I couldn't see what, it was pitch black.

Another thump and loud creaking as the thing was getting closer to the bottom of the staircase. It was taking its time, there was no reason to rush. I couldn't move even if I wanted to.

It was like I was having a nightmare. It didn't matter what I did I just couldn't make myself move.

Two thumps, this time there was no creaking.

Suddenly my flashlight turned back on, I felt the control of my body return and turned around to bolt. But not before I saw what came down the stairs.

In front of me stood a tall figure. It's upper body was covered by a bloodied white garb. From beneath it two long legs and arms poked.

The grey arms, being impossibly long, were outstretched making ready to grab me. The legs looked more like sharpened bone, pointing into two very cute tiny pink shoes.

I felt two hands scrape my back as I started to run. I need to get to my car, get out of here.

Behind me I heard the thumping of its feet on the ground. It was running, and getting closer to me. My sprinting wasn't fast enough.

The flashlight started sputtering, lighting up parts of the road in a frantic rythm.

Going around a corner I jumped face first into some thick bushes on the side of the road.

The flashlight died.

The thing stormed past me.

The only sound it made was the same sound as when my niece of six was running around the house.

I held my breath and prayed to God it wouldn't hear me. That I would get out of here alive. I will never set foot into a forest again but please help me get out of here.

A loud crack to my right almost made me scream. I slammed my hand infront of my mouth as silently as I could.

"Can you help me? I'm lost." Lisa's voice came from where the thing was prowling around.

"It's yellow but there seem to be stripes going down."

Again the voice pierced through the night, this time further away from me.

I pressed my eyes closed and hoped that it wouldn't find me.

"Lisa, Lisa Darry." The voice came from right above me. The girls voice changing halfway, going down into an animal like croak.

I could have sworn my heart stood still at that moment. One of the shoes slowly pressed into the ground in front of my face.

Then it slowly lifted it again and walked further.


"Hello, I'm looost, I like small cats, what do you like?"

It came from further away.

"Lisa, Lisa Darry." The voice had slowly changed back to the little girl.

The voice had completely disappeared, but I stayed on the ground for at least another hour before I dared to get up again. In the darkness I tried to find my way back to the road.

I will get out of here, I will. That sentence kept circling around in my head.

I would crawl back to my car in the dark if that was needed. As silently as I could I started to creep across the ground back to the small ruin.

The forest had become completely silent again.

I loved the silence. Everything was better than the sound of it walking or speaking.

My hands touched something cold. A loose brick on the ground. I had made it. This was the building. My car was just on the other side. I kept crawling through the old building.

There it was, my car. The small red light of my cars security was a shining beacon of hope, safety and freedom. I let out a small muffled cry. I'm safe.

"Lisa, Lisa Darry. I can't find my parents, me..?"

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