Young Love

                   Young Love    

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Oh to be young

Young Love

True love Pure love The love of Innocence The love we had before we learnt how to love Well some do the lucky ones

The one's that find Love hurts love is hard love is never how we expected it to be The one's that find the only way love works is through work No one ever finds this with the love of Innocence that first love the one you never forget

Mabey if you're lucky it's your second love Or your third or fourth Most of us eventually Lear if we are willing to try hard enough

But alas far too many give up Put up the shutters build barricades Make castles with mighty stone walls. Walls that will keep the hurt out. Oh those walls those mighty walls

Those walls that KEEP Love out Those walls that stop the sun from ever shining in Those walls that hide the hand of friendship Yes they keep those tears from the eyes of the world

Yes they stop you from every being hurt Yes they stop you from being loved But then what is love It's dirty it's messy it hurts but it's also the most beautiful thing you could ever receive in this life.

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