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michaelschulze Community member
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Writing a simple thing witch can bring so much pleasure not only for the author but for the reader

Writing for Pleasure

by michaelschulze

I have had a long and varied life working as a plumber builder electrician mechanic and farmer

But by far the most challenging and most rewarding thing i have attempted to do in my life is writing.

My heart and soul take control and choose the words and my hand follows as a slave and merely wright's them down.

I don't make draughts or do any edits this is why you can find mistakes in most of my postings.

However i have reached a compromise of late i have let my mind get involved to sort out some of the spelling.

I have read a great deal since overcoming dyslexia.

But by far some of the best and brightest and most heartfelt things i have read appear on this very site.

I only have one hope for the people who read this please pick up a pen and write your story.

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