What is love
What is love stories

michaelschulze Community member
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Is love just what we feel or is it what we do

What is love

Is love about cuddles and kisses and holding someone tight Or is it just sex and a few other things Mabey a smile or holding someone's hand when they are down

Well love is also going out to work and paying the bills Love is about making sure that there is food for someone to eat Love is taking your kids to school and making sure that they get home again

Love is getting up at 3AM because your wife just shit the bed Putting her in the shower and changing and washing the sheets Having a warm towel patting her down and helping her back into bed

Lovs is getting up in the morning and making sure that your kids are fed Ask if they have homework and do they need help Love is giving someone a kiss goodbye because you never know if you will see them again Life is not promised it can be cut short

Love is something you carry in your heart in your soul Love is caring how someone feels or how they think Yes love is about sex and cuddly things but that's just part of it It's also many other things

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