What is pain
What is  pain  stories

michaelschulzeCommunity member
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It usually doesn't kill us no matter how much we hope it would

What is pain

It's something that gives us physical or emotional distress We have all felt it to some degree If you haven't yet you definitely will It comes in many varied forms

Sometimes we think and even hope we will die Somehow we survive we mostly do It's an inherent fact we are built to survive we may get mangled in the wreckage of what is left of our bodies or our minds but somehow we still usually survive

I don't think I can remember a day in my life where I haven't been in pain No don't pity me that is the last thing that I want I would rather die than take pity from you You see it's quite OKAY pain has just become part of me like you would sit down for a cup of tea

Don't feel bad I see pain in people ever day and hell they are bye far worse off than me Hell you can not live with someone for so long without getting to know and understand them

I tell people you will survive and they look at me in a peculiar way thinking what the hell dose he know ABOUT THE PAIN THAT IS AFFECTING ME I put my hand on thair shoulder and walk away because I know they will understand some day

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