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by michaelschulze

My County A Strange Place To Be


A place where you don't have friends you have Mate's

A place where you great each other with the biggest insult you can think of

Or use such strange expressions as How's it Hanging a form of greeting

A place where State hates State but if you meet someone from another state they are instantly your Mate

A place where we don't actually lie to each other but we tell each other so much bullshit it's hard to fathom the truth

Hey what's the score no need to explain we all know

A place where your not out having a drink with your mate's Your on the piss

A place where you hear about crime on the news ( hell they have to report something ) but it never happens to you

GUNS what are they

Where wehate the kiwis (Newzeland ) unless they are playing crickets with the poms (England ) then we love kiwis

We drive on the left side witch is right for us

We love the battler (workers )until they start to make a go of things then we hate them

Why would I live anywhere else Now back to work Have a go you mug

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