Things we do to survive
Things we do to survive  stories
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You can save a life with just one smile

Things we do to survive

Well most of us survive but some of us don't We convince ourselves we have had enough

Some pick up a blade and cut deep Well deep enough for one pain to overcome the other And that's where most stop Except for the unfortunate few who continue to cut because the pain never goes away

Some people stand on the edge of a bridge looking down at the water or traffic below And for most something always pulls them back Except for the unfortunate few who lost sight of this world and can't find a way back

Some people put their foot flat to the floor reaching speeds no one can handle Some see their life flash before their eyes And take the foot of the gas Except for the unfortunate few who head straight for a tree a wall or anything else that will end this life

There are so many ways to leave this life I've only just touched on a few You don't need to be reminded of the things that went wrong But for most who have been touched by such things The hunting goes on

If only I had said hello what if I had given a smile What if I'd just asked are you okay No it would never stop the loss of every life But it would go a long way to cut the numbers down

How many more of our children will never grow up for the lack of a kind word when they needed it most How many people in there twenties or thirties will never get to grow old All because someone couldn't spair a kind word

WOULD IT REALLY HAVE COST YOU SO MUCH Oh come on just spair a kind word

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