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Things you should know

THINGS about Meantal health

by michaelschulze

You may not know thair are two types of people with meantal illness.

Those who can be treated with different drugs and those whose condition is not chemically related.

Unfortunately i fit into the latter but some drugs do offer short term relief .

As for the others if they live long enough and are fortunate enough to find treatment with drugs.

Eventually they will come across the particular drug that treats the chemical in balance they are suffering from.

Even then people think it fixes the condition it only helps to alleviate the condition .

I was reading the other day and found a quote worth remembering .

If you don't understand mental illness good for you i hope you are never placed in a situation where you have to .

If you look back into history with an open mind you will find some interesting things.

Most of the greatest artists musicians and scientist's of every description suffered from meantal health.

People with meantal illness are different we are not too be feared and definitely and most important not pitied .

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