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Take a walk with me my friend

The walk

by michaelschulze


I am walking through the valley of the long lost Soles.

A jurney shared by many who's minds are winning a battle and possibly loosing the war that is faught on a daily basis.

We are the forgot ones those unfortunate retches shunned by family friends and society for being different.

For caring to much for feeling to much for being too sensitive. Yet misunderstood.

Taught of by many as uncaring insensitive and heartless by those people who can't see past the pain that holds us prisoners.

Our war is mostly silent there are no shots fierd no charging of the battlements no banners held high.

Our war is faught in a confined space witch is at the same time unimaginably vast and empty. Devoid of normal sanity.

You can pick some of us quite easily as the fool in the corner by him or her self.

Some you may never pick thay are boisterous laughing telling jokes smiling patting you on the back.

Until they are alone and they crawl back into their painful minds that have them held prisoners.

I am joined daily on my walk by the unknown and the unseen but I can feel their presence .

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