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Just down the road my ass it was bloody miles away


by michaelschulze

Well that's what we do out here especially if someone thinks you have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock

Well i was thinking to this shela down at the van park and she tells me just down the road is the second biggest monolith in the world Well we will get onto that one later.

Well i may look like cabbage but I'm not that green so just like any bloke i ask Google well bugger me never heard of the thing.

So what do you do just like any blow in you go to the turist bureau and ask what's the go yep there's this big Rock down the road.

So i romps up to have a gander at this rock it s about a mile and a half walk to the top if you take the short cut straight up the track

Well i don't know about it being the second biggest I'm not getting into that but if some basterd dropped it on your toes it would frigen hurt

Well i know what you are all thinking did the basterd climb up to the top not on your cotton picking life

So i gets to the base of the rock look up and take a couple of photos well I'm an old man not a bloody mountain goat so i sit down have a beer and shoots through

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michaelschulzeGifted WriterCommunity member
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michaelschulzeGifted WriterCommunity member
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@bernardtwindwil Thanks Bernard just enjoying life

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This is among your best. The vernacular was fantastic. I can tell this came from the soul of a "Digger Bruce". I don't know if that is still a term for Aussie men. I loved this. I was laughing all the way through. Great post!!!