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Our Royal connection LOL


by michaelschulze

Well it's Sunday in Queansland a time when the state shuts down for the day and closes it's doors

Well Bunnings is open and so are the clubs and if you have the urge to talk to the Lord well i think most of the churches are open as well you can still get petrol but forget the rest

Speaking of Clubs way back when Jo was Premier of this State and not a bad sort of bloke he really took care of his State

He also looked after his Mate's well that's a story for another day Anyhow Jo had been knighted by the Queen so now he was Sir Jo

And his misses was Lady Flow she was famous in her own right for her pumpkin scones amongst other things

Anyhow the old man was helping set up a Lawn Bowles Club on this Island he was living on they named the club after the old man and it's still going till this day

So they decided they need someone as a Patron for the Club so the old man sent an invitation to Lady Flow and low and behold she accepted to be the Patron

Well that's the closest our family ever got to Royalty except for waving to the Queen when i was a little kid

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