Some people are like a cactus
Some people are like a cactus stories

michaelschulze Community member
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The most beautiful gems in the world look just like rocks until they have been cut for the world to see don't be silly don't throw them away before thay are cut

Some people are like a cactus

No this cactus is not me I'm far too soft in the center that is why I don't live in this word i onley visit it I chose to live in another world one of which not many know I have several more somewhere I can run a hide until the pain subsides

A lot of people that I see are like a cactus I have growing in my garden with spines coming out in every direction just to make sure you can't get in They can survive quite happily without you or me it's no that they do not want love for they gladly give it away

But they a strong and if they let you in it's because they want you thair not because they need you there and within the blink ove an eye they will cut you out if you do something wrong

But sometimes if you can get up above the view below is just pure love it doesn't often show because it doesn't want the world to know About the softness you may seldom see once you have seen the flower it's beauty you will always know and mabey wish you could always see

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