SO you think you are going mad . Well think again .
SO  you  think  you  are  going  mad .

      Well   think  again  . stories

michaelschulze Community member
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As an old song goes Left or Right at oke street that is your choice in life

SO you think you are going mad . Well think again .

Wait a minute have you stopped to look at the other people around you . Oh yes they are wearing different shoes And We don't all have the same size feet . But we are mostly walking the same path even if we take different steps .

Now this is where it gets interesting . We all come to different forks in the road and the road we take is our choice . Whether it be by choice or design depending on what is going on in our lives at the time .

No matter what sort of destructive or perfect life you have been living the choice has mostly been your's . I say mostly because some of us are left with no choice . Oh yes it may be hard for those of you that have had a good life to believe that others have not been the same.

Some have walked a very different life . Some may even try to understand but you will never have walked in thair shoes . And thair are very few who would ever want you to .

But at the end it still comes down to choice. No one has taken away your free will the choice in life is always your's

Do I open the door on the left or the right . The life you have lived will eventually make you choose. But of course we will always still have a choice.

I hope witch ever door you choose to walk through I hope it's the right choice for you I'm sorry I opened the wrong door Please don't follow me through .

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