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There are better ways to take your own life


I think from memory it was Christopher Columbus who first baught the stuff back to the English Well long since that time it's spread all around the world In the early days people would smoke sniff or chew the stuff

Well I'm not here to lecture anyone on the virtues of the stuff or otherwise Hell I smoked from the age of 11 until fifty nine And I smoked a hell of a lot 100 cigarettes a day Well that's on a good day on a bad day I smoked even more

Well my wife smoked to as did most of my family and friends That was before they started warning us about lung disease and the other affects My wife always said I would rather die than give up smoking We she got her wish

People don't tell you how long it takes to die from smoking related illnesses It takes a very long time and it's not very pretty And the affects on the body are not very kind Mabey you are lucky enough to just loose one lung

It's not very often that it is that kind Some start by loosing thair fingers or toes but in the end it always takes away your life So we are Yong and invincible if you smoke how far can you walk without running out of breath

What if you used to swim quite a few laps of the pool just how many can you swim now And how do you go if you need to walk up hill or use the stairs Well it was kind to my wife she only took two years to die from when things turned bad

Oh well she was sixty when she died A lot don't make it that far Oh but if you're a smoker still don't let me try to put you off

My mother maid it to 92 even though she was dying of emphysema for seven years You may think it's funny watching someone trying to breathe knowing that if they can get the air it still may be thair last breath

Oh yes now it comes back to me I gave up smoking to help my wife give up when she was diagnosed with cancer Well that's seven years ago and I'm still trying to catch my breath if I walk up hill Am I going to die from a smoking related disease yes

Nothing is more shoure but it has baught me a few more years Now I'm not a wowser smoke as much as you can suck that shit into yourself Because nothing is more shoure than smoking kills Just go ahead take your own life because you already are

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