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Listen to your children for the innocent know no lies


We all carry shame to some degree. If it's not ourshame it's the shame of someone else No one goes through life without caring some form of shame Oh yes I carry so many forms of shame. Some I wish I never had . And yet others I carry with pride

My biggest shame is for not taking a life Unfortunately my steed was to slow on the day And the perpetrator took many more child's souls away Unfortunately now I know he is dead He died of old age without ever having to pay

Do I feel shame for trying to take a life Well no he took away mine and many more with his evil desire He was protected under the law because he could afford the most expensive defense

Is anyone going to believe the words of a child against that someone of renowned Well I wish more people started to take notice of thair children Don't let them live a life of shame for something of witch they have no blame

Oh yes I carry my shame with pride It's a shame of not being able to do what society should have done Protect your children don't let them become potential killer's for something you should have stopped

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