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To many secrets to hide mabey it's time for some to come out


We all have secrets we don't wish the world to know Some are dirty little secrets that we hide under the bottom draw or under the mattress of our bed But those secrets well they don't count We all have them and if found it's not the end of the world

It's those secrets we hide in our heads Those are the ones that we try to hide the most Things we hope no one will ever find out about But we also hide secrets we pray for the world to find out about

A love you carry for someone else A guilt that isn't really your own Those things like cutting yourself Or living in a world with so much self hate. That it has you scared

Why do we blame ourselves for what the world has made of us When we were born no one wanted us to become this way And yet here we are so many of us still with so many secrets we continue to hide

It may sound stupid but learning to like yourself is the first step in setting yourself free Forget about the secrets under the bottom draw forget about the secrets under the bed thay no longer count The secrets we wish to forget about are the ones we hide in our heads

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