Searching for happier times
Searching for happier times stories
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michaelschulze Community member
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Looking back in hope of finding a brighter future

Searching for happier times

by michaelschulze

As he sat once more soaking up the warm rays of afternoon sunshine.

His mind started to stroll through the Garden of Eden with led on to the dark and damp corridors of his mind.

A mind far too terrifying to be traveling at night time.

Slowly searching for the right memories to belay the pain of his mind.

Being ever so careful not to open those doors with the tell tail signs of tears leaking through the sills .

Doors witch would reveal memories far too painful to remember.

Constantly feeling the doors for the warmth of happier times so long past.

Never really finding the right door the mind slowly returns to the present.

Until it can once more wonder those lonely corridors of the past looking for happier times .

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