Product of a miss spent youth
Product of a miss spent youth  stories

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Don't read it you are easily offended

Product of a miss spent youth

WARNING If you are easily offended STOP READING NOW

Ah men with long faces and no social grace's Eyes darting across the room checking out the girls from the safety of the bar. Some women who are man traps and some have the clap while others are just sitting drinking thair gin.

People in dark places all with no faces lining the walls and not moving far. Is this where love is supposed to begin. The music is blaring and people are swearing and nobody can here a god dam bloody thing.

From across the room there is a flickr as someone crosses the room but it's to late she has already gone. Men who are week men who are sleek and all of them basterds just the same. Is this really the start of the dating game.

Now the people are leaving most of them weaving some who are whispering and deceiving. While others are trying to find thair way home. Men pissing in gutters people wishing they had shutters everyone trying to get back home.

Taxis are driving in the back someone who is spewing. Poor bloody cabie taking them home. While others just choose to rome the streets all night long.

The sun is blaring and headaches we are sharing and some of us don't know how we got home. The bosses are waiting excuses we are making saying it won't happen again. And each night it starts all over again.

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