Mad or Just Different
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Am I really mad or is it you

Mad or Just Different

I've spent most all of my life fighting with my own mind So many times they have locked me away It's for your own good they always say Lock me up throw away the key but will this stop the fight with my mind

People say you have lost your mind I wish I could And some say close your eyes and go to sleep but that is when the fight really begins You may spend the night in slumber land All I do is fight all night

Others say you are insane even though my brain functions well I'm not going to hurt you in any way or anything of the kind I can't even remember the last time I killed a fly

Why do people put me down when I see such beauty all around Yes I see things you do not see it's not because they are not there it's because you look and yet fail to see

Did you notice the the Curtin move slightly in the breeze Did you notice the slightest change in the light Oh you did well I looked at my watch it started a half hour ago

Or can you hear the watch ticking on your arm while you are watching TV Or do you feel the rain a long time before it comes

How often do you notice the tear in someone's eye when they are smiling and laughing while trying to hide the pain within You just think they are having fun I see them dying inside That's the difference between you and me

Are you still so blind you cant see through the curtains people put up to hide their world It's only sticky lace even a blind man can see through SO WHY CAN'T YOU

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