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michaelschulzeCommunity member
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Oh love we can run but we can't hide we can put on armour but all to no avail. It gets as all in the end.


by michaelschulze

I've heard it said that wisdom comes with age. I'm not so sure this is the case with me.

I have picked up on most of the ways of the world and can wade through life's jungle .

But when it comes to the affairs of the heart i think the older i get the more foolish i get.

There is a lady causing so much pain when i see her and even more when i don't.

And yet she is blissfully unaware of the effects she has upon me .

Now is it my right to inform her of the situation. Or is it her right to continue her life uninterupted by my foolishness.

Now if i had this wisdom that is supposed to come with age i wouldn't be the fool that i am .

Or am i now of an age where i am respectful of other people's feeling to the point of my own demise.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
8 months agoReply
Michael, you have written a sensitive and tenderly romantic poem. Yet it is complex as their are notes of sadness and timidity. There is definitely that once burned twice shy character. But, hey! Flowers and a hand written poem couldn't make this worse and might even open her to a liaison. Great poem!!!