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michaelschulze Community member
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Things I've learnt

Learning how to LOVE

by michaelschulze

I learned early in my marriage sometimes the flames die down and you need to work hard to keep the flames going.

The other thing i found out by watching others never let the fire get to a point where there are no sparks left.

Once you reach that point no matter how hard you try you will never be able to ree create the same fire.

After thirty years i taught i knew a thing or two about love and life.

It wasn't until she started to lose her battle with cancer that I found how much more i had to learn .

And how little i actually understood about life and love.

Never take love forgranted or as just a given thing.

Love is a rare and special gift it may only be offered once so take it and cherish it.

And remember you are actually holding someone's heart in your hands don't drop it.

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