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michaelschulzeCommunity member
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Life goes on don't get left behind

Learning Living + Dying

by michaelschulze

When you live with someone you love who is dying you change

As the days turn into week's and the week's turn into months with life slowly slipping through your fingers

You get frustrated and angry you jump up and down you make a fist but life still oozes out past your fingers

And when the end comes you find you have learned more about life in two years than you learned in the past fifty plus

You end up a different person at the end of the fight than when you first walked into the boxing ring at the beginning

When it over you tread water for a while looking for a sign of land lost and unable to get your bearings

Three years on you look back and know part of you died along with the person

But so much more of you comes to life as a result of what you experienced you see life more clearly than before

You get a lot of pleasure out of little thing in life that you once wouldn't have given a second thought

Life does go on things do get better if you can tread water long enough to spot land again

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
6 months agoReply
This is so beautiful. The tenderness and sensitivity are in balance with the bitter tears making this a work of art. WOW!! Great work of art!!!!!!!!

7 months agoReply
@bryanthomas Thank you it's something more of us seem to be facing with increased cancer rates

bryanthomasGifted WriterIn my spare time I juggle fog.
7 months agoReply
I can relate to this, michael. Well done!