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michaelschulze Community member
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Do you really want to give up or are you starting to actually believe the bullshit you have been telling yourself


There will be days you can't get out of bed . You will text your friends and family and say you are doing fine. That's just what we do me you and quite another few others more . But the whole time you wish you could die but we never do . But the whole time you wish you could die but somehow we never do .

You will survive this day and a whole lot more even days that are a whole lot worse. Yes you will survive we mostly do. And yes you really want to die. Well maybe it hasn't happened to you yet. I hope it never dose.

But if it does one day. You are not alone. You will live even though you want to die. There are still far better things waiting for you. As long as you can see these things through.

Just remember dying is the easy part. People die every day in all sorts of different ways. But people like you and me and all the rest we are ment to be. When your time is up you will know that's the time you can stop the fight. But not a bloody day before.

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