How many ways can we die
How many ways can we die stories

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Dying is easy living is easier when you believe you are loved

How many ways can we die

Oh I'm not talking about the physical sense . But in the meantal or spiritual sense . Although some of us have physically died several times . Life is not over until the last beat of the heart or the machine keeping us alive is turned off .

Most of us die to a certain degree several times a year . Or at least it feels as if we have . The loss of a loved one relative or partner . Having worked hard to achieve something and being rejected .

Losing your job some money a home or our favorite possession . Each time we feel as if we have died a little . And we spend a long time thinking about our loss . But how often do we stop and think about the love we get in life .

Our parents or guardians go working rise and support us . A friend or stranger asking how are you going and if you are alright . Someone opening a door saying hello or just giving a smile . All act's of love .

Yes life is about life and death love and hate . Do we really want to go on killing ourselves on a daily weekly or yearly basis . Or do we want to feel the sunshine . smile at strangers . believe in love despite everything that has happened in our lives .

Life is better than death Love is better than hate And yes despite what a lot of us choose to believe we actually are loved . Mabey not yet in the way we wish to be loved but we really are still loved .

I am still living when I wanted so desperately to die And finally after many years I've chosen life over death . I do hope you always choose to live .

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