Google or Big Brother
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michaelschulze Community member
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Hey Google get your own phone and leave me alone

Google or Big Brother

If you buy a camera the photos you take are yours. They don't belong to Google If you buy pen and paper the things you write belong to you. They don't belong to Google If you have an address book the information in it is yours. It doesn't belong to Google

Why is it if you buy an Android phone it comes with Google Google is great for getting information What if you want to use another Web browser Well you can't or at least it's very difficult if you have an Android phone

Almost all of the Apps you use ask for permission to use Phone and records Access to photos Access to logs Access to contact's I'm surprised they don't ask to use my bathroom

So what happened when you start denying access One by one your apps start to fail in some form Eventually they stop working or work in such a limited degree they become useless

At first you get notification that your app won't work properly unless you give Google access to a particular app So you get pissed of and deny more access

Well now Google removes all your apps So you have to go into setting and after an arduous process you get them back . HAY I wouldn't mind if Google gave me the phone ..... I baught the phone and what I do with it is totally my business.

Google piss of If you want everyone's information supply them with free phones DON'T MAKE US PAY FOR OUR PHONES JUST SO YOU CAN HAVE OUR INFORMATION

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