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Hey Texas a great town come on down to Queansland and have a ganda

Going to Texas

by michaelschulze

When i was shooting down the road i went through this town Sunnyside well if you can call it a town

Well anyway when is was in SA (south Australia ) a few years back there was this place called Blinky one blink and you were through the place

Well Blinky was like a thriving metropolis when you compare it to Sunnyside one fibro house and a humpy and the funny thing a bloody fire station across the street

Well with this fibro house all you need is to make an attempt with the garden hose and let the place burn down a collect the insurance and put the fire station somewhere useful

Anyway still shooting down the road the scenery starts to change and i can see cotton bales so i know I'm in Queansland see we don't grow cotton in new South to bloody could

Well i haven't been out this way before you have to get off the main track and fly up a small road to get to Texas

Well you woldent believe it there's this sign road subject to flooding next 12 miles now i think witch idiot puts a road where it going to flood in the driest continent in the world

Anyway i gets to the top of a hill and there's a sign indicating the depths of the water christ who the hell are they trying to warn bloody Noah if it gets up here we are all stuffed

Well i know I'm getting close now evrey now and then there is a bloody cactus about the size of a small tree so i hits Texas right on lunch time

Well i wasn't expecting bright city lights well there may be half a dozen street lights great i hate the hustle and bustle anyway

The one thing they have lost of towers TV -Radio - Phone and a number of other i have no idea about well they need them out here frigging miles from nowhere

Well anyhow i pulls up at the Texas treets cafe i go in and other a burger we make great burgers here i will give you the recipe a bit later just remind me

So I'm waiting for the burger and look at the photos of the floods they get here i don't rain much out here about 8 to 10 inches a year but when it floods christ there some water

Now you would think that the power's to be would build some dams to hold the water but not the bloody greenies put a stop to it well don't get me started about the bloody government

Well it only floods here about every fifteen to twenty years so i have my burger hed to the pub for a quiet one check out the art gallery and museum and it's back to Tenterfield

Oh yeah about the burger you need a big bun cut in half toasted under the grill then you put on tomato slices lettuce and beetroot you have to have beetroot or it's not a burger

Well on that you put bacon then a well cooked beef paty some tomato sauce a friend egg and some fried onions and if you can close your mouth on it you didn't fill it up enough

Oh by the way you Texens sure are a friendly mob but then i didn't expect anything less so i suppose i will catch you down the road somewhere

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