Everything Happens
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michaelschulze Community member
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Change the world if you can accept those parts of the world can't change

Everything Happens

Have you heard the saying everything happens for a reason

Well that's bullshit Yes some things happen for a reason and for these thair are consequences But most things happen without rime or reason THEY JUST HAPPEN And thair is nothing we can do about it

If you get a disease of any kind. Some will be able to be traced back to a start an origin Something you have done or something you have come into contact with or something you have inherited But more often than not it will simply be .

JUST SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED Oh now I can hear all those with faith starting to jump up and down It's part of God's plan Well God must be a hypocrite because most of those plans are shit

Things happen was it God or was it the Devil Mabey you had something to do with it OR DO SOME THINGS JUST HAPPEN

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