Driving in Queansland
Driving  in Queansland  stories

michaelschulze Community member
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If you plan to drive take a taxi or have a great supply of Panadol lol

Driving in Queansland

by michaelschulze

Well it's been a few years since I've been up in this neck of the woods The last time i came i came in by plane and then caught a bus and train

Well the roads up this way go in all directions like cobwebs laid out by a spider that's been on the turps for a week

Oh if you don't know what being on the turps is it's the same as being on the grog getting on the piss getting as full as a state school getting hammered or just getting drunk.

Anyhow being a big Country with a small population means there isn't much doe to pay for all the roads witch is OK if your in a car

But if you're pulling tow and a half ton and twenty feet of van and you need to drop one lot of wheels of the bitumen to let oncoming cars past it can get a bit hairy

Now with all these bloody cobwebs of roads leading of everywhere when you hit an intersection it can be like playing Rafferty's rules basically anything goes

Yes we have road rules give way to your right we drive on the left witch is alright for us giveaway signs but when these bloody cobwebs come together from six directions anything goes

God's own country yes a land of endless sunshine yes Queansland marvelous one day perfect the next yes good roads NO BLOODY WAY

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