Digging Yourself OUT
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michaelschulze Community member
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Go on keep digging but change the direction in which you are digging

Digging Yourself OUT

by michaelschulze

After digging my own hole in life and not knowing when to stop digging And YES people did try to help me out of the hole

So what did i do when people tryed to help me out of the hole NO I went out and bought a longer ladder so i could keep on digging

Well i climbed back into the hole and kept on digging

Well eventually the ladder wouldn't reach the surface and there was no more help So did i stop digging NO

Finally when i was running out of air and i knew i had to STOP DIGGING

So i eventually started to tunnel up and out You wouldn't believe the amount of cave-ins thair wer before i reached the surface

Well i finally reached the surface Well the whole point of this story is if you find yourself in a hole STOP DIGGING

And if for some reason whatsoever you can't stop digging you can still always dig yourself out

Just don't loose the pick and shovel along the way or you really will be buggered

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