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We don't all have happily ever afters


Many a time the first love of your life will always be your wife And sometimes something goes wrong and suddenly. She is no longer the girl she was But of course every father knows his daughters are always the love of his life

You can hear people talking. She can twist him around here little finger But if the truth be know they mostly had the whole hand The funny thing is nothing can break a heart like a daughter can

We always know she still loves us But a daughters love is meant to be taken away It's a love that was always destined to be given to somebody else After all with the wife we stole . she was the love of someone else an father with a broken heart

Oh most don't mean it. As a matter of fact most go out of thair way to please there dad But somehow they break the heart of thair dad . By falling in love with somebody else Oh it's alright that is what is meant to be. But sometimes it still breaks a father's heart to loose her to someone else

Daughters are somehow different to son's. Poor little buggers dad's expect them to be taught But what really happens to the forgotten son's Those boys who fight so hard for the love of a dad .

Sometimes it feels as if they are pushed to the side Placed second behind the daughters But no matter what you believe or think a father has no more pride than the pride in his son

Father's can be basterds father's can be tough It's not out of hate it's out of love Mabey once you would like to see your father cry Please believe me he has shed many a tear the day you first learnt to walk

And you thought that was the first step you took by yourself. Don't be silly he has taken all the steps with you So you think your father is a bum . A nobody who walked away when you needed him most

Most father's would kill to spend a day in your life Somehow life doesn't always work out that way Hate your dad it will make him happy to know it's the strength you need the strength of hating him You use to become the man you are

And that is the strength of a father's love To be hated by the one he loves the most to know it's the strength he needed to carry him through Hey sometimes we still stand proud as a dad Despite what people may think

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