Confessions of a tortured mind
Confessions of a tortured mind stories

michaelschulzeCommunity member
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Not all days are good but we still would like them to be

Confessions of a tortured mind

Sometimes in life we take one step forward and two steps back Such is the truth behind a tortured mind Oh no we are not stupid or even insane Even though some people might think we are insane

Haven't you all had an off day well consider multiplying that by quite a few Mabey even going through days like this for the rest of your life Oh I can hear some laughing it's quite a good joke How can this be look how happy I am

Well I'm happy you have a good life And I'd never wish you any harm But sometimes just for a day I wish you could live in our world Mabey then you might think before you continue to laugh

Do you still think that our life is a joke What if it was your brother or sister mabey your dad or your mum Would it still believe it to be so much fun

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