Blood stories

michaelschulze Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
Some people cut to kill the pain within but it's a funny thing it doesn't work the pain remains the same


Blood what ove this funny thing You watch it run down and create a stain But yet the pain still remains just the same as it has always been

You cut and you slash to kill the pain but it always remains just the same No matter how much pain you cause without You can't kill the pain within So you watch the blood run down

But in the end the pain is still the same Those who see the incision think you are insane But they are not the one's who feel the pain And no I don't really understand I fight my pain in different ways

But I feel for those who do No I do not cut but I know plenty who do Thay fight thair pain differently but it's not too say they don't feel the same pain as me So if you happen to see someone bleed don't think bad off them Think instead of the pain they are going through.

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