Am I really alone in this world
Am I really alone in this world  stories
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michaelschulze Community member
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Is the pain of the world stronger than our love can overcome

Am I really alone in this world

How can it be HOW can one person get to a point in life Where thair own pain no longer has any bearing on their existence

How do we reach a point in our lives where the pain of the world ways far more heavily upon householders Than any love hate fear or fear than you have ever known

How can one person feel so unloved that it gladly takes on the pain of the world just to feel something

Have we reached a point in society where we think we can turn people's emotions on and off like a TV by using the remote control

The stars will shin tonight the sun will rise in the sky tomorrow I will fall in and out of love with nearly every person I meet

No I don't hate the world but I do cry for the world No I don't hate no people but I do cry when I see what some are capable of Do I see people loving people ever day Yes and this is the reason I chose to go on with this life

Am I alone in this world

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